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Hand Scraped

Hand Scrapped hardwoods feature a scrapping technique which offers a dramatic rustic visual. The degree of scrapping can vary from one product to the next. These products fit well in a traditional décor or country inspired decors. This wood is very forgiving and has exceptional wear resistance.

For directions on cleaning and maintenance, please visit the Cleaning and Maintenance page.

Paracca Flooring | Hardwood | Tiger wood Hand Scraped
Tiger Wood
Paracca Flooring | Hardwood | brazilian Pecan Hand scraped without french bleed
Brazilian Pecan Without French Bleed
Paracca Flooring | Hardwood | Brazilian Chestnut
Brazilian Chestnut
Paracca Flooring | Hickory – Light Chestnut
Hickory - Light Chestnut
Paracca Flooring | Hickory – Barrel Brown
Hickory - Barrel Brown
Paracca Flooring | Brushed Tumbleweed
Hickory - Brushed Tumbleweed
Paracca Flooring | Bernina Hickory
Bernina Hickory
Paracca Flooring | Casitablanca – Monterrey Gray
Casitablanca - Monterrey Gray
Paracca Flooring | Casitablanca Forged Bronze
Casitablanca - Forged Bronze
Paracca Flooring | Palo Duro Copper
Palo Duro Copper
Paracca Flooring | Colonial Manor – Hobnail
Colonial Manor - Hobnail
River House

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