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Tile and Stone

Natural Stone

Natural Stone is quarried from the ground and comes in many colors and sizes. It comes in unfilled, honed, and polished finishes. It can have tumbled, cobbled or square edges. Natural Stone is not very structural and requires special underlayments. The popularity of stone is based on the beauty of the product coming out of the ground.

Paracca Flooring | tuscany chateaux
Tuscany Chateaux
Paracca Flooring | Queen Beige
Queen Beige
Paracca Flooring | Indian Multicolor slate
Indian Multicolor Slate
Paracca Flooring | Empador
Paracca Flooring | Carrara Marble
Carrara Marble
Paracca Flooring | Bianca Cararra
Bianca Cararra
Paracca Flooring | bardigilo marble
Bardigilo Marble